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Schedule training for your team.


  • Small team

  • Public training room access

  • AV equipment

  • Training room with seating for 20 people

  • Coffee, tea and water

  • Lunch

  • 2 to 3 months lead time

  • Standard training setup

  • Standard authoring tools


  • Large team

  • No public access to training room

  • Needing customized training

  • Need training with specific tools

  • Training room with seating for 20 people

  • AV equipment

  • Need flexibility on when and where workshop is held


  • Access to computer and internet

  • Any size team

  • No training room

  • Travel restrictions

  • Team in multiple locations

  • Need instructor lead online training

  • Can dedicate 2 hours per week for live online session

  • Need office hours for additional training support

If you are interested in hosting a public or private workshop, please complete the online form or contact us at 303.232.7586.

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