Two days in-person or six 2-hour sessions online


$975.00 USD

Who should attend?

  • Information architects
  • Content strategists
  • Information developers for both publications and training
  • Publications and training managers

Upcoming workshop:

This workshop title is available both in-person and online.

Training Description

The DITA Basics workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the DITA 1.3 standard, introducing the common information types and elements used to create technical documentation. Participants are guided through the process of creating DITA topics, applying metadata, reusing content, assembling topics into maps, and publishing content. Online sessions consist of conceptual descriptions of the elements, attributes, and options available to create content and demos by the instructor of using those items to compile output. Participants are given exercises to complete on their own between sessions, with instructors available during set office hours to offer assistance.

You will learn to

  • Use the DITA 1.3 standard to create topic-based technical content
  • Build a business case for moving to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture
  • Apply DITA concepts and methodology
  • Write valid troubleshooting and glossary topics
  • Create valid maps and bookmaps
  • Add metadata to topics, map and bookmaps
  • Compare and contrast all DITA reuse options

Online Course Required Materials / Background

  • Laptop / personal computer
  • Internet access
  • Course is delivered using a live, interactive virtual online classroom, providing an environment for optimal learning.
  • 6 sessions, once per week
  • Sessions are 2 hours in length
  • Office hours, 2 hours once a week
  • Each session will end with a homework assignment to be completed prior to the next session. Participants are welcome to email instructors with questions and may chat directly with instructors during given office hours. Homework will be quickly reviewed at the beginning of the next session. The last session’s homework will be reviewed in a final office hours offering. Solutions to all assignments will be provided electronically.
  • Participants will be given a trial version of a DITA authoring tool. Be sure to install the DITA authoring tool prior to the start of session 2 (week 2).