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Standards for Online Communication


Copyright 1997

Standards for Online Communication gives you guidelines for how to place information online in your company. It provides both a design and development process and a set of guidelines for the Internet, intranets, and help systems for designers and authors who need to create effective electronic information.

Drawing on their years of design and consulting experience, authors JoAnn Hackos and Dawn Stevens demonstrate how to tell what will work for your users, how to translate users' needs into a set of clear specifications, and how to implement these specifications. And, with examples of good design, they provide expert advice and guidance on

  • giving customers and employees the online information they need to do their jobs
  • organizing online information so your users can easily navigate through it
  • dealing with the special design requirements of the Web, intranets, and online help systems
  • learning what graphics users really need and where sound and video fit in
  • handling accessibility and navigation-multimedia, maps, indexes, hypertext and more


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