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Introduction to DITA Arbortext Edition


Copyright 2007

Introduction to DITA: A User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture — Arbortext Edition picks up where the original edition of Introduction to DITA leaves off. As DITA becomes further entrenched as an ever more popular XML solution to topic-based authoring, a number of XML editors are available to assist content creators. This user guide is designed to provide its readers with a task-oriented approach to learning the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). In this edition, we introduce you to PTC’s Arbortext Editor. You will find conceptual overviews, background information, tutorials, and the sample XML markup you need to get started using DITA. You learn to use DITA at the same time you learn to apply the Arbortext Editor to authoring, conditional processing, and publishing. Here are some of the questions we help you answer:

  • How do I create DITA topics?
  • How do I assemble DITA topics into DITA maps for output?
  • How do I do conditional processing with DITA?
  • How do I create my own specializations?
  • How do I use the DITA Open Toolkit?


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