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From Static Books to Dynamic Semantic Publishing for Your Documentation

Presenter: Fabrice Lacroix, Antidot
Date Recorded: September 5, 2013
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At Antidot, we take data issues seriously. As data integration and search engine specialists, we always emphasize with our clients: the value lies in the data and their data should be easy to find, browse, and reuse.

To these 150 clients, leading publishers and e-commerce websites, all day long we repeat our mantra “we are here to help you create value with your data”. Two years ago we realized that the main information we were providing to help them use our software were PDF guides. But those PDFs weren't searchable, gave a poor browsing experience, and provided no reuse possibility at all. We were failing to do what we were praising. It shook our beliefs.

Then began our journey to understand what we missed. Where does the problem come from? What should be done to solve it?

Looking around, we realized that state of the art publishing is Semantic, Dynamic, and Social. People want the same experience with technical documentation that they have on Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Twitter. It must be fast, fun, and efficient.

While authoring solutions have greatly evolved over the last 10 years, their publishing counterparts are still stuck in a static “flat and fat” document generation model. Here lies the secret: Stop printing!

By switching from this print-oriented view to a new web- and user-centric approach, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to leverage their documentation, change the user experience, and provide new features.

Could this be an opportunity to benefit from the simplicity and the ease of use of Cloud infrastructures and SaaS solutions? Imagine no more long IT projects you have little control over. Just imagine having a solution that would work out of the box.

During this webinar, we will go through the analysis of what is wrong with publishing technical documentation today, but also what the state of the art of information publishing is and what is really important to users. We will see how to create a new user experience to leverage the structured documentation approach.


Fabrice' career is intimately linked to the development of the Internet. He began as a system developer in the Minitel's world and X25 networks. In 1994, he took part in the creation of the first French ISP, Infonie, as CTO until its acquisition by Belgacom in 2000. Keen on innovation and entrepreneurship, convinced that the future is in the data more than in the infrastructure, Fabrice created Antidot in 1999.

Fabrice graduated from ENSIMAG and holds a Master in Computing from the Imperial College London. After a stint at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, he gave up research to engage in the development of the Internet and in the software industry.


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