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Controlled Language-It's What's Between The Tags That Matters

Presenter: Bob Sima, Etteplan-Tedopres
Date Recorded: August 22, 2013
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Choosing to embark on a DITA implementation is a major decision. It will undoubtedly improve your organization's content publishing for the long haul and take your content to the next level from a management and publishing standpoint. But have you considered what is between the tags? Have you considered the current cultural climate and how readable and clear your content is to the masses? What about translations? Is your chunked up content translation-ready? These are a few of the questions that Etteplan-Tedopres will answer in their conversation entitled: "It's what's between the tags that matters."


Bob Sima is Sales Director for Etteplan-Tedopres. Bob has over 15 years of experience helping clients with content strategy issues, including graphics-HMI implementations, structured authoring, and multi-channel publishing projects. He has served as sales, evangelist, strategist and marketing roles with Corel, Micrografx, Intergraph, and Inmedius. Etteplan-Tedopres is a leading controlled language software, services and training provider. Their primary mission is to assist clients in maximizing the clarity and readability and decreasing the costs of maintaining, creating and translating their content. Join the conversation of controlled language and its importance in the process of implementing DITA in your organization.


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