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Agile Writing: How to avoid merely documenting the interface


Presenter: Bill Gearhart, Comtech Services, Inc.
Date Recorded: May 23, 2013
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Has your development team moved to an Agile process? Are you struggling to catch up? Do you spend your time constantly changing material as the interface changes? Are your documentation stories and tasks written in the form “write the online help for the xyz feature?” If so, don’t despair, there is a better way.

In this webinar, Bill Gearhart, Sr. Consultant for Comtech Services, Inc. will discuss how to write documentation stories and tasks that truly help the user get a job done rather than use an interface. By creating documentation stories that link to the highest level product stories as is possible—even at the epic level—teams can have a dramatic impact in improving content for their customers. Bill will outline this approach and provide some examples of an approach to documentation that addresses customers from their perspective while making life livable for the content creator. After all, that’s what Agile is supposed to be all about, right?


Bill Gearhart is a management consultant and instructor specializing in information development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency. In collaborating with his clients and students, Bill draws on nearly 20 years of experience in developing information and managing operations, including market leadership, customer experience, customer advocacy, usability, technical communication, project management, and software infrastructure development.

Prior to working with Comtech, Bill spent 15 years in the enterprise software industry, most recently as a director of operations for BMC Software, Inc. After starting his career as an information developer at a variety of manufacturing and consulting companies, Bill held several management positions in information development, usability, software engineering, project management, and support services.

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