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Presenter: Sheila D'Annunzio & Marc Speyer
Date Recorded: September 30, 2010


If used properly, DITA is a powerful, comprehensive, and flexible standard that allows organizations to better use and reuse their structured content—and reduce costs in the process. But the comprehensiveness and flexibility of DITA can easily result in ugly DITA and a frustrated experience. In this presentation, Sheila and Marc share their recommendations from a DITA pilot project undertaken at STMicroelectronics. Sheila and Marc provide valuable insight in how to avoid and overcome problems resulting from the DITA content model, stumbling blocks in content reuse, unexpected print quality issues, adoption resistance, and implementation difficulties.


Sheila D'Annunzio is the Head of Technical Documentation for STMicroelectronics, one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers. Her principle role is to develop and implement new strategies for managing technical documentation intended for distribution outside the company. A latecomer in the technical documentation field, Sheila started her career as a physicist working with particle accelerators, and came into documentation following a move abroad and a career break to bring up children. With nearly 10 years of experience authoring and managing documents in a large corporation, she understands very well the issues facing documentation today and believes that DITA is the best solution to address them. She is a member of the OASIS DITA Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee.


Marc Speyer is an independent consultant specialized in designing, specifying, and implementing publishing solutions. He has worked as a VP Content Migration and e-Publishing at Stilo where he was responsible for architecting and implementing the world's first Software-as-a-Service content migration solution. Before Stilo, Marc worked at Cap Gemini and Wolters Kluwer where he was a lead architect for editorial, document, and web content management, and publishing applications. He has been working with mark-up languages (XML and SGML) since 1995 and has a thorough understanding of the standards, tools, and techniques that can be leveraged to make a complete solution. He has a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology and is a highly regarded expert in the field of publishing solutions, able to manage projects, and apply complex technology to the delivery of tangible business results. Marc is a contributing member of the OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee.


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