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DITA 1.2 Keyref Mechanism


Presenter: Hal Trent
Date Recorded: July 28, 2010   


With the upcoming release of the DITA 1.2 specification just around the corner, organizations are beginning to look into the new DITA mechanisms that can improve reuse strategies and offer new ways to arrange and conditionally process content. For organization and efficiency, leveraging content for reuse is one of many reasons to implement a DITA solution. The DITA 1.1 specification provides great reuse mechanisms, but the 1.2 specification offers some new and exciting opportunities. In this webinar, Hal Trent of Comtech Services introduces the new DITA 1.2 keyref mechanism and provides possible implementation strategies. The keyref mechanism, along with the conkeyref mechanism, will allow users to easily interchange variable content, build context/content-specific hyperlinks, and solve many of the issues that conref could not solve. Hal explains how keyref and conkeyref are referenced by DITA maps or bookmaps, demonstrates the potential reuse strategies for keyref, and explore ways to implement keyref into a production DITA environment. Oxygen 11.2 with the DITA-OT 1.5 build is used for demonstration.


Hal Trent is an experienced Consultant, Style Sheet Developer, and Information Systems Manager at Comtech Services, Inc. He has experience in XML CMS implementations for a variety of businesses and academic institutions and is currently focusing on SVG and DITA. He also leads frequent workshops related to DITA and XML. Hal has a BS in Biology from Roanoke College and an MS in Information Systems from DePaul University.


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