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DITA 1.2 Improvements to Conref


Presenter: Frank Miller
Date Recorded: October 28, 2010


A core reuse mechanism in DITA, the conref enables reuse of information at the map, topic, and element level. The DITA 1.2 specification adds several new capabilities to the conref mechanism. Conref push allows authors to "push" their own content into target DITA files. Conref range enables authors to reference adjacent elements rather than each node individually. Delayed conref allows for incremental content update, even content from different providers, in runtime engines that handle conref resolution after the information is built. Frank will present each of the conref enhancements, discussing use cases, benefits, examples, and restrictions for each of the new features.


Frank Miller is a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at Comtech Services, Inc., assisting companies with their information design, process efficiency, and tools and implementation needs. Frank has more than 10 years experience in publishing and currently manages and implements enterprise content management solutions. Frank also guides corporations through their information architecture process. He has experience in conducting and analyzing benchmarking studies and information redesign for content management. He also serves as instructor for Comtech's series of interactive DITA workshops.


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