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Crossing the Chasm with DITA Part 1: Get Ready ... Get Set

Presenter: JoAnn Hackos
Date Recorded: January 19, 2012


Data Conversion Laboratory and JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services proudly present the story of Crossing the Chasm with DITA!

We trace the progress of many organizations from the early phases of Exploration, Preparation, and Education through genuine progress with Pilot projects and implementing a Component Content Management System to keep everything in line, through the Conversion of legacy content to a new way of structuring and managing information for the Enterprise.

With all the right pieces in place, organizations have reaped the benefit of automated publishing, structured authoring, the mantra of “write once and use many” times, supported by XML elements named for the content they contain rather than how they look on a page or a website or a tablet or a phone.

Follow the story through the 8th year since the OASIS DITA standard was first approved and how it is changing the world of information development and delivery.


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