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Standards for Standards Organizations

Sponsored by: Vasont Systems
Presenter: JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc. and Bill Burns, Vasont Systems
Date Recorded: December 14, 2016
Duration: 1 hour
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Standards development has long been plagued by the problems of developing content in desktop publishing applications. Structure is difficult to maintain. Formatting can be a nightmare. And, reviews using MSWord or PDFs make it difficult for reviewers to share comments and resolutions.

Structured authoring using the OASIS DITA XML-based standards and a good content management system can help standards development organizations (SDOs) streamline their processes. DITA provides for structured authoring and enables pushbutton formatting. Content chunks can easily be reused among more than one project, ensuring consistency. And maps make it possible for multiple authors to develop content independently.

Content Management Systems store individual topics, supporting version control and history. Reviews are done by groups, not individuals. And, final output is easily produced in PDF and HTML, providing for responsive design on multiple devices.

In this session, join Dr. JoAnn Hackos, OASIS DITA Technical Committee and ISO standards developer, and Bill Burns Vasont Systems' Applications Engineer, for an understanding of a new way to develop and publish standards. You will learn…

  • Why the status quo (Word docs and other unstructured file submissions) doesn’t work anymore
  • How structured content and content management can reduce content-development overhead
  • What tool vendors have been doing to make structured content development and content management less painful
  • How content can be output to multiple devices in multiple formats without extra effort


Dr. JoAnn Hackos is President of Comtech Services, a content-management and information-design firm based in Denver, Colorado, which she founded in 1978. She is Director of the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM), a membership organization focused on content-management and information-development best practices. Dr. Hackos and colleagues are called upon by corporate executives worldwide to consult on strategies for content management, development and organizational management, product interface design, customer studies, Web and traditional information architecture, and tools and technology selection.

Bill Burns is an Applications Engineer for Vasont Systems. He has 22 years of experience in the technical communications and publishing tools industries, including 12 years as an XML/CCMS consultant. Bill provides technical consulting and training services specializing in XML technologies, content management, XSL publishing processes, single-source process development, technical writing, and content internationalization. He currently resides in Boise, Idaho.


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