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DITA Glass: Perceive everything as DITA

Sponsored by: CIDM
Presenter: George Bina and Radu Coravu, SyncroSoft (Oxygen XML Editor)
Date Recorded: September 16, 2015
Duration: 90 minutes


In an ideal world, all documentation content would come in one format (and that format should be DITA). But let's face it, content produced in a company is diverse and comes in many forms and sizes.

So how can we single source everything? Can we integrate contributors who use formats like language-specific API documentation, HTML, MarkDown or even Excel spreadsheets or database tables in a DITA-based workflow? Could we convert everything to DITA on the fly? Could we use a magic glass to perceive various data sources as DITA?

We may try to convince everybody to produce DITA content but this may not be always possible. Instead of that we can accept these diverse data formats but look at them as different ways of encoding DITA. So if we put in place the right decoder we will get back our DITA content.


George Bina is one of the founders of Syncro Soft, the company that develops oXygen XML Editor. He has close to 15 years experience in working with XML and related technologies including XML related projects, oXygen XML Editor and participation in open source projects, the most notable being oNVDL-an open source implementation of the NVDL standard, project that is now merged into Jing and DITA-NG the Relax NG based implementation of DITA.

Radu Coravu started working more than 10 years ago as a software developer for Syncro Soft Ltd., the manufacturer of the popular Oxygen XML Editor. During the last couple of years, his main focus has been in the development of the visual XML Author editing environment and of the specific DITA support provided by Oxygen. He provides tech support for complex integrations and helps steer the product in the right direction, all this with some Java development on the side.


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