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Technical Content: The New Goldmine

Sponsored by: CIDM
Presenter: Gerry McGovern and JoAnn Hackos
Date Recorded: March 13, 2014
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Technical content is now driving sales on the Internet. Increasingly, customers are seeking out technical content in order to help them make the decision to buy complex products. They want to know how the product installs and operates before they buy, not after.

Technical content is driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. One of the most important factors for a customer in deciding to stay with you is how you deal with them when they have a problem. They want to get that problem solved as quickly and easily as possible, and often a self-service website with easy to find, easy to understand technical content is exactly what they need.

Technical writers and managers are sitting on a goldmine but they are managing technical content like a coalmine. Technical content is seen by most organizations as low value. Today, that is simply not true. But the perception of low value remains.

This webinar is about giving you the arguments to build a business case for technical content. We will give you examples of organizations who have delivered more value by using technical content effectively. And, we will give you a roadmap for changing the perception of the coalmine to a goldmine!


Gerry McGovern helps large organizations become more customer centric on the Web. His clients include Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, IBM, Atlas Copco and Tetra Pak. He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, a company that has developed a set of tools and methods to help large organizations identify and optimize their customers' top online tasks. He has written five books on how the Web has facilitated the rise of customer power. His fifth book, The Stranger's Long Neck, was published in 2010. He began his Web career in 1994. In 1996, Nua, a company he founded, received the Best Overall World Wide Web Business Achievement award from the European Union.

Dr. JoAnn Hackos is President of Comtech Services, a content-management and information-design firm based in Denver, Colorado, which she founded in 1978. She is Director of the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM), a membership organization focused on content-management and information-development best practices. Dr. Hackos and colleagues are called upon by corporate executives worldwide to consult on strategies for content management, development and organizational management, product interface design, customer studies, Web and traditional information architecture, and tools and technology selection.


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