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Keep Calm and Plan for Mobile Delivery with DITA

Presenter: Hal Trent, Comtech Services, Inc.
Date Recorded: December 12, 2013
This is a free webinar.


As DITA comes to full maturity, organizations seek publishing solutions that are more robust than PDFs and static HTML. They seek robust solutions that deliver interactive content to the web, mobile devices, and e-readers. As the future of publishing moves away from paper-based deliverables to electronic, fully searchable, and customizable deliverables, the need to understand the DITA publishing architecture for electronic delivery becomes increasingly important. In this session, Hal Trent, will discuss the importance of a mobile strategy for your current DITA content and the steps necessary to add mobile to your organization’s content delivery strategy.


Hal Trent is an experienced Senior Consultant, Style Sheet Developer, and Information Systems Manager at Comtech Services, Inc. He has experience in XML CMS implementations for a variety of businesses and academic institutions and is currently focusing on SVG and DITA. He also leads frequent workshops related to DITA and XML. Hal has a BS in Biology from Roanoke College and an MS in Information Systems from DePaul University.


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