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DITA Listening Sessions

Sponsored by: CIDM and OASIS DITA Adoption TC
Duration: 1 hour
This is a free webinar.
Register: DITA Listening Session – Europe Edition, Wednesday, September 27th, 3pm BST
Register: DITA Listening Session – East Coast Edition, Thursday, September 28th, 12pm EDT
Register: DITA Listening Session – West Coast Edition, Thursday, September 28th, 12pm PDT


The OASIS DITA Adoption Technical Committee invites you to participate in an Online Listening Session, a forum where DITA architects, writers, toolsmiths, and editors can share experiences about their DITA migration and implementation.

During the session, the committee would like feedback on:

  • What is going well with your migration or implementation?
  • Where you are having difficulty implementing DITA, extending it, or maintaining your commitment to it?
  • What features and/or capabilities would you like to see added to the DITA standard?
  • What can the OASIS DITA committees do to help you?

In order to provide a Listening Session where the participants can easily have a discussion, we will limit the “discussion contributors” to 1 person per company, with a maximum of 25 contributors per session. Others are welcome to listen in, but they will be muted during the session. We have scheduled three listening sessions to accommodate the various time zones, we encourage you to register for the session targeted to your location.

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