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Comtech worked with the Avaya PCG documentation team to develop a DITA-based information architecture, including the definition of standard information types and content units, an analysis of the appropriateness use of the DITA document type definition, a metadata model for the management of content, and the mapping structures needed for final publications.

Comtech developed the XSL-FO styles sheets for publication of the user guides in multiple languages. In conjunction with this development, we created a custom application to sort the Japanese index properly.

We also helped to direct the implementation of the selected content management system to reinforce the information architecture.

With the process team, we worked on a five-level process model to incorporate the need for collaborative development using a new content management system. The process team also considered the affect of a topic architecture on the review and approval process, the coordination with translation vendors, and the rapid movement of finished topics to production and publication.

Perhaps the most significant and encouraging element of the Avaya project was the work done with the Avaya Leadership Team. The team took responsibility for articulating a vision of the new development environment and carefully and repeatedly communicated that vision to the writers and to senior management and peer groups throughout the organization.

Information Model

Comtech Services spent time with Avaya ECAD discussing their options for developing an information model, improving their processes, and identifying the tools they needed to use for a successful DITA implementation. During discussions with the Avaya ECAD group, many decisions needed to be made about how to work with the Avaya PCG group and leverage much of the work they had already done on the information model and process redefinition. The discussions reflected a change management approach to DITA to teach the ECAD group the DITA model and help them understand the tools and concepts associated with the model.

At the end of the project, ECAD decided to hire an information architect who started managing the DITA implementation to produce output for the Avaya ECAD documentation team.

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