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Comtech conducted a heuristic analysis of mobile phone manuals to gain insight into their effectiveness and usability. Nokia manuals were compared with other manuals from industry leading products. Comtech interviewed personnel from Nokia call centers in the United States and Asia-Pacific regions to learn about the types of people calling for assistance and their information needs. In addition, we consulted the results of previous user studies. The study resulted in recommendations to improve the user guides through extensive design changes, new development methods, and deploying content in a more focused manner.

User study

Comtech conducted a detailed on-site user study of a Network Operating Center. In the week-long study, the team, including representatives from Nokia Networks training and documentation teams, observed the actions of 60 telecommunications professionals in their operations and monitoring activities. The team also traveled to maintenance sites and interviewed field-maintenance technicians. The study report detailed the changes required to make information delivered to the NOCs more usable and relevant. The result of the study was a significant change to the information deliverable website maintained by Nokia for its senior telecommunications customers.

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