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Comtech conducted an investigation to help the Integrated Technical Communications group at Motorola, Inc. analyze and fine-tune its information-development process. We began with interviews of individuals from all aspects of the team’s information-development lifecycle. We performed a comprehensive review of the group’s custom DTD. Following the completion of a report that detailed the analysis, conclusions, and recommendations, Comtech met with the Motorola ITC Leadership and Information Architecture teams to determine how best to implement the recommendations, and provided the Leadership Team with coaching sessions for change management issues and support.

Process maturity assessment

Comtech conducted an Information Process Maturity Assessment as part of Motorola Computer Group’s Technical Documentation and Training department's analysis of the maturity of its information-development processes. The assessment involved information developers from one location who had been under different management three times within three years.

As a result of our analysis, we recommended improvements to planning and tracking activities, as well as increasing customer feedback and working more closely with product developers. MCG Management used these recommendations to help manage resources, improve their current tools, and establish improvement goals for their procedures.

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