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Comtech Services worked with the TransUnion Knowledge Center (KC) information development group in its DITA XML adoption and implementation. When Comtech began to work with TransUnion, the KC team had already successfully presented a Proof of Concept and drafted an Information Model. Comtech provided coaching and guidance to review, refine, and test the model via thorough review and vetting by both internal and external sources. After successful validation of the model, Comtech and TransUnion conducted a pilot project series to show content reuse and subsequent ROI. Comtech provided on-site training prior to the pilot kickoff meetings and guidance throughout the entire process.

Concurrent with the information architecture phase, Comtech worked closely with the Knowledge Center XSLT developer to set up a publishing process and pipeline. Comtech provided development training, guidance, and coaching for the transforms and stylesheets necessary to deliver DITA content. The end result of the development activities included production-ready stylesheets for PDF and XHTML output and a trained internal resource for maintenance and future development.

Lastly, Comtech worked with the Knowledge Center team to define best practices and a managerial communication plan.

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