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International Monetary Fund

Comtech worked with members of user communities and Information Technology to define objectives and requirements for a web content management system (WCMS). We developed a Request for Information, selected the appropriate vendors, and worked with the staff to evaluate the results. Comtech also worked with IMF departmental representatives to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the IMF departmental content and establish a taxonomy (metadata model) to categorize and label the content to facilitate search and retrieval by staff members. Comtech established a methodology for content inventory and rolled it out to all IMF departments. We also established a methodology to analyze staff requirements for search and retrieval and identify a comprehensive metadata model.

Comtech also managed a multi-department process redesign project to better handle the creation and publishing of Web content, established a set of governance policies for the Fund Intranet, and worked with a multi-department group to define Intranet metadata. In addition, we developed the cost/benefit analysis supporting the purchase of a WCMS product and created the implementation plan and schedule. Finally, we developed the information architecture for the redesigned Fund Intranet.

For more information, visit our Requirements definition page.

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