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Comtech assisted the water-research foundation in developing a requirements document for an enterprise content management system. To create this document, Comtech reviewed background information that included previous user studies and website analysis and met with staff members to understand the project goals and identify issues with creating and finding information. Additionally, Comtech facilitated technical team meetings to develop an information model, which included an inventory of existing documents and a taxonomy for identifying content created throughout the enterprise. Comtech also recommended potential vendors and assisted the foundation in evaluating responses to the requirements to find the technical solution that best fit their needs.

Business case development

Comtech worked with AwwaRF executives to develop a business case for the implementation of a content-management system and a presentation to the Board of Directors. The result was the initiation by the Board of the pre-implementation phase of the project. Comtech then continued the project by facilitating leadership team meetings to create a change-management plan to ensure enterprise adoption of the content-management system.


Comtech implemented a taxonomy model to allow AWWARF staff to categorize and label documents to be included in the document repository. In this effort, we constituted a team of department representatives and subject-matter experts to create the taxonomy. We presented our methodology and coached the team through the taxonomy development process.

Metadata model

Comtech directed a study of the applicability of the AWWARF metadata model. We interviewed 100 participants with a variety of jobs, interests, and backgrounds. These participants attended the annual AWWA meeting. The testing revealed that the taxonomy was generally clear and usable. We believe that the metadata attached to resource on the website would significantly enhance the search process.

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