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Bombardier Recreational Products

Comtech worked with Bombardier Recreational Productions to develop a single-sourcing strategy enabling BRP to target its parts catalog to specific audiences (vendors and public). The BRP marketing group worked with Comtech to create a topic pool that supports the output of the PAC catalog, price book, and OEM catalog in both United States and Canadian versions.

For this project, Comtech designed the supporting XSLT and FOSI stylesheets to accommodate the layout and style of the different output formats required by BRP. In addition to the new output, Comtech designed the metadata strategy and Information Model to address the different catalog topic types, database files, images, tables, and output types.

Comtech designed a data stream strategy to improve BRP’s ability to integrate live pricing data, stored in an XML aware database, with on their parts and accessories topics, stored in Windchill. Comtech worked with BRP to normalize and consolidate their pricing information into a single XML file, which could then be integrated into the topics stored in Windchill. Prior to normalizing and structuring BRP’s data, BRP relied on a manual process to extract and integrate the pricing information into the final printed catalog. In order to integrate the XML data with the catalog parts, Comtech designed an XSL transform that merged the XML data with the topic information at publication, guaranteeing up to the minute price information each time the print catalog was published.

For more information, visit our Stylesheet Design page.

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