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Comtech conducted an information process maturity study of SAP in Walldorf, Germany using the Information Process Maturity Model (IPMM). From the outcome of the initial process maturity study, SAP and Comtech worked on the development of a new strategic plan for documentation, training, and translation. The strategic plan called for the creation of a Central Group responsible for standards, metrics, process, training, and general coordination of the efforts of the myriad documentation, training, and translation teams within the company.

Based on the initial process study, Comtech continued to work with SAP management to develop the training program for technical writers, create style and process standards documents, and work on elements of the strategic plan. We held several meetings with team members to facilitate the implementation process. We also advised the company on the development of their internal component management system and its integration with the Trados translation memory tool.

Two years after the initial study, SAP asked Comtech to return and re-evaluate the organization to determine if they had made progress and to make further recommendations for continued growth. SAP continues to work on the consolidation of gains and the effective integration of documentation, training, and translation.

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