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Navision Software is a Danish company that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to small and medium size businesses worldwide. They engaged Comtech to investigate the feasibility of moving to single sourcing and a component-based repository. In the Information Audit, we have investigated their current documentation and training products, their processes for producing documentation and training and localizing their information into many languages, and the audiences for the documentation. We find that, like many other ERP organizations, they are challenged by the distance from their end customers because their products are primarily sold through value-added resellers. The resellers learn about the product solutions from the development organization through documentation and training and then heavily customize the product for end customers. End customers find the original documentation and training to be inadequate because their particular customized solution is not discussed explicitly.

In our recommendation to Navision, we believe they can develop an information repository and a knowledge-transfer solution that meets the needs of internal, reseller, and end-customer audiences. For the end customers, they need to develop a solution that permits resellers and end-customer management to modify documentation and training for their own use. This requires a technology that supports a process called amendability. In addition, we are helping Navision find ways to develop facilitation tools that will allow resellers and end-users modify information and training products for their own needs.

information and training products for their own needs. Navision, like other ERPs, must also consider delivering modular information that is indexed to parts of the product solution that individual customers may purchase. In this way, customers will receive a subset of the information and training products that is associated with their product configuration. In addition, we are helping Navision solve the problem of their regional offices modifying and translating the information and training provided by headquarters but not returning the modifications back to be sorted and stored in an archive repository. The amount of duplication of effort is enormous, and we are looking for solutions to reduce redundancy and promote efficiencies and cost savings in the process.

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