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Comtech created a new user interface design for the Astoria Component Content Management System web portal, vendor bridges (Arbortext, XMetal), and workbench. The goal of the effort was to improve usability of the product, reduce the potentially redundant workflows, and consolidate the user interface. To begin, Comtech completed an in-depth series of customer interviews. From the interviews, we developed user personas and task lists, scenarios, and underlying workflows associated with the functions of the product interfaces. Next we redesigned the user interface by creating a detailed set of wireframes. We vetted the wireframes in a series informal usability interviews. After incorporating feedback from the interviews, we documented the wireframe design and underlying usability principles. Additionally, we prepared an integration plan and functional specification for the software developers to reference as they implemented the new design. Next phases of the project include development review and formal usability testing once a UI prototype is complete.

For more information, visit our User experience design page.

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