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Comtech studied the information-development process at Juniper Networks, based on the Information Process Maturity Model. Recommendations included developing in-depth information about the needs of the user population and pursuing a minimalist approach to document design.

Several years later, Comtech conducted a study focused specifically on resource allocation processes to better understand how to ensure that projects are estimated effectively and resources allocated to content-development projects. The study included a detailed daily log of activities by members of the writing staff to understand how they allocated time among various project-related activities. The directors and managers described their resource allocation methods and their concerns about having sufficient resources to meet program needs. The recommendation and report suggested significant changes in resource business modeling to ensure that enough time is available for the staff to pursue innovations in information design and delivery that will enhance customer satisfaction. One conclusion—if an organization does not plan for innovation and allocate actual resources to future planning, it simply doesn’t happen. Many technical publications organization are 100% allocated to get out the content changes for the next release, a situation that will rapidly make them obsolete and easily outsourced.

For more information, visit our Process Maturity page.

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