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Varian Oncology Systems

Comtech guided Varian’s global documentation team thorough a DITA Proof of Concept (POC) as a first major step in Varian’s DITA implementation. Building on a prior minimalism project headed by Comtech, the POC achieved the initial business case objectives while concurrently putting in place several permanent infrastructure pieces for Varian to accelerate and scale its DITA adoption.

Starting with the minimized content, Comtech and Varian’s team created the first version of the Varian DITA Information Model. The model was used as the base for an engineered conversion specification for Data Conversion Laboratories (DCL), which developed an automated conversion script to transform Varian FrameMaker source into DITA. Comtech then used the converted pilot content to develop the Varian XSL-FO stylesheet for PDF output in English and 13 languages. Comtech also prototyped a new translation process for Varian, focusing on more in-house control of localization and translation administration and costs.

The outcomes of the pilot were used by Varian to roll-out its DITA implementation to the full documentation group. The Information Model, stylesheets, conversion intelligence, process, and best practices established in the pilot were essential in engaging and training other members globally. Each of the pilot deliverables continues to be optimized as Varian’s DITA implementation matures.

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