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Siemens Health Services developed a content-management solution for their library of technical and user-oriented information. Comtech assisted them in defining their business case, conducting a user analysis, creating their technology requirements, and creating an Information Model. Their Information Model required changes to their content to ensure that it was consistently structured. To this end, we worked with Siemens Health Services to define a new series of information types that were more closely related to customer requirements. Customer requirements were identified in a user survey and phone interviews with selected customers.

Once the Information Model was fully defined, we analyzed the Health Services requirements against the DTD being used in other Siemens divisions to determine its applicability and the possible need for modification to accommodate software-related content.

Process maturity assessment

Comtech conducted an Information Process Maturity assessment of Siemens Ultrasound Division. The information developers and their management were anxious to ensure that they follow best practices in information development and customer study.

As a result of our analysis, we made recommendations to increase customer interaction and more thoroughly institutionalize many of the established processes. These recommendations were used by management to establish improvement goals for the coming year.

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