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To efficiently support its sales staff, Caremark needed a clear understanding of their client life cycle and had to identify business-critical information so that it could be made available to those who needed it. Buying a software tool would not solve their problems: inefficient processes, inaccessible or difficult to find information, and missing information about prospects and clients.

Comtech met with representatives from departments involved in the client life cycle, from identifying the client as a prospect through renewal or termination of an account. Our consultants gathered information from each department involved in the life cycle to map out its processes, identify business-critical information, and identify various dispersed information stores. With an understanding of each department's process, we were able to identify inefficiencies in the process (bad information hand-offs), points in the process where information was needed but not readily accessible, and breakdowns in communication.

The solution we offered was an innovative blend of process improvement and relocation of business-critical information into an enterprise-wide content management solution. Comtech made recommendations to redesign and integrate the current customer relationship management (CRM) solution to make it more easily available to those who needed to access client contact and prospect information.

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