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American Red Cross

Faced with a need to meet regulatory requirements, the Blood Services division of the American Red Cross, asked Comtech Services to assist them in providing innovative access to a set of documentation that must be tracked and controlled according to FDA regulatory policies.

To facilitate gathering user information, Comtech conducted five focus groups at Red Cross regions throughout the US. The focus groups developed information about the issues, problems, and solutions related to policies and procedures developed by headquarters and disseminated to the regions. As a result of the focus groups, Comtech developed and Red Cross senior management accepted a recommendation to restructure the information and to develop a completely new process for information development in the future, involving collaborative teams with representatives from both headquarters and the regions.

Comtech helped the Red Cross define standards, procedures, and templates around what had previously been undefined information types (policies, procedures, processes, and others). After meeting with users of the documentation and those involved in the writing process, Comtech also made recommendations to improve the process and increase the quality of the documentation.

At the end of the project, Comtech had assisted the Red Cross in establishing a modular writing strategy based on authoring and user requirements with an intuitive metadata structure. Comtech had also assisted the Red Cross in finding a content-management system that would meet their requirements.

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