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Abbott Diagnostics

Abbott Diagnostics Division wanted to evaluate the usability of both the documentation and the interface for a new diagnostic system. They also wanted to test new corporate standards that had been implemented in the documentation. Comtech worked closely with both the human factors and documentation teams and the corporate standards division to define the scope of testing. Our ultimate goal was to gather information that would guide and improve Abbott’s continuing development of interfaces and documentation. We evaluated the overall ease of use and intuitiveness of Abbott’s interface, noting major design issues that could not be addressed by modifying the documentation or enhancing training. The study also addressed how well the documentation library contributed to the product’s overall ease of use, whether or not users could recognize the separation of task oriented and reference material, and whether or not modular binding contributed to usability and accessibility of the documentation.

Comtech gathered both qualitative and quantitative information, including error rates and time-on-task data to evaluate the interface and the documentation library. Comtech tested subjects from a user group who had not attended formal training to evaluate the subjects’ initial mental models of the overall product design, interface, and documentation. These subjects were asked to perform both simple and complex tasks using the documentation, hardware, and software.

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