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Comtech and Caridian (now Terumo) conducted a user study, interviewing customers of its blood-collection devices at hospitals and clinics in Colorado, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Comtech helped Caridian learn how different groups made use of its information products to plan, implement, use, and troubleshoot Caridian equipment. The main tasks of this analysis were to identify information needs for Caridian equipment in Europe and the United States, evaluate if the current customer documentation meets the information requirements of the several user groups. We were particularly interested in translation needs for European users, cultural differences between European and American use of documentation, and information in the documentation that was not being used by Americans or Europeans. We made recommendations in a Final Report for improvements to the user documentation.

CaridianBCT (now Terumo) Technical Communications has worked with Comtech for support in its current content development and publishing environment. Comtech consultants met CardianBCT with the key Technical Communication team members to assess support needs. Comtech assists with any immediate issues needing resolution and provides training and support as needed.

To discover what content was most valuable to its customers, Caridian worked with Comtech to visit customer sites, interviews users, and collect data about the information that was crucial as well as information that not useful. As a result, Caridian made significant changes to its customer content strategy.

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