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Content & Technology Assessment

You need to know how to handle a rapidly expanding warehouse of information assets. Comtech's seasoned team of information experts helps you analyze and categorize your technical libraries, knowledge repositories, training materials, business policies and procedures, and sales and marketing information. We conduct a complete inventory of your current information resources to determine if they are consistent and well-structured or redundant, disorganized, and superfluous. Not only do we catalog and categorize the information you now produce, but we also compare what you have today with what is needed by your users or might be needed in the future.

In addition, we assess the technologies your organizations uses to author, store, retrieve, and publish information. We believe that the needs of your department should drive the selection of technology, not the other way around. We investigate systems that are already in place in your organization, especially if they are home-grown or specialized proprietary solutions. We compare these solutions with your goals and projected needs to ensure the technology is a support and not a hindrance as you move forward.

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