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Consulting is not a commodity; you can’t buy a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution. Instead, you need a custom engagement that addresses the specific needs of your organization at that moment in time. Comtech offers a variety of services that can be contracted individually or combined into a multi-phase project to provide exactly the assistance you need. For an example of how one company has combined our various services in a long-term consulting engagement, click here.

Our consulting team is well-versed in information-development best practices, strategies, and technologies. Each team member offers specializations allowing us to assemble the right experts to meet your specific needs.

No matter what stage of development you are in, Comtech offers services that will increase your effectiveness in managing, designing, and creating information that delights your customer.

Content Strategy & Information Modeling

An Information Model defines your organization’s information architecture and development strategies. Comtech’s information architects help develop a comprehensive Information Model that defines your information types and elements used within them, establishes a metadata model, suggests authoring guidelines and standards, and reviews mapping, linking, and reuse strategies.

Taxonomy Development

In today’s continually expanding information glut, it can be difficult for users to find the content they need. Comtech consultants methodically guide your team through a rigorous design and categorization process to establish a comprehensive taxonomy focused on improving information accessibility.

Process Maturity

To achieve maximum benefit from your resources, your organization needs mature and effective information- and product-development processes. Using the Information Process Maturity Model (IPMM), Comtech assesses your organization’s readiness for the work ahead. We evaluate the level of refinement or maturity of your processes and recommend critical strategies and tactics for improving your organization’s effectiveness.

DITA Implementation

A successful DITA implementation requires balancing a variety of activities. Comtech provides the services you need, including:

  • Business case / strategic planning
  • Content assessment and information modeling
  • Tool requirements and selection
  • Tool optimization (constraints, specializations, schematron, and subject scheme)
  • Transforms and stylesheets
  • Pilot project coaching

User Studies

Knowing and understanding your customers is key to your company’s success. Comtech consultants facilitate customer site visits, customer partnering, and focus groups, and use tools such as questionnaires, individual interviews, group discussions, and on-site observations to gather the customer information you need.

Competitve Analysis & Benchmarking Studies

Comtech’s benchmark studies enable you to discover industry innovations and learn best practices from other information development professionals both within and outside of your specific market.

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