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Developing Quality Documentation in an Agile Environment

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Is your software development team moving to an Agile development model? Shifting from traditional waterfall development with long release cycles to quarterly releases emphasizing “time-to-value”? Are you being asked to write “just enough” documentation to support these shorter and more frequent deadlines? Are you wondering how you and your department will adjust your processes to meet the demands of this new development paradigm?

If your answers are “yes,” this workshop meets your direct needs. Developing quality documentation in an Agile environment requires a firm understanding of how Agile works and how to use the system to ensure that you are creating “just enough” documentation that meets customer needs.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, customers and product owners are demanding faster time-to-market and faster time-to-value products. Agile development, when properly implemented, provides an adaptive change management strategy that focuses on the customers' most critical needs.

The combination of Agile development’s high speed, limited planning documentation, and short delivery cycles creates a unique set of challenges for documentation groups. These challenges require a shift in thinking about resource management, task allocation, and completeness of information in technical publications groups.

This workshop focuses on the Scrum Agile methodology and how documentation departments can adjust to this high-speed development environment.

You will come away with a firm understanding of the Scrum process and how documentation can effectively engage in the process for both engineering and documentation-centric projects.

A hands-on approach: The course is exercise-intensive using complex but easy-to-understand examples to map out documentation planning and implementation within the Scrum process. If you have a documentation team transitioning to Scrum, we recommend coming to the workshop as a group.

  • Provides high visibility into the development process
  • Quickly delivers incremental functionality to customers rather than a “release-a-year” solution
  • Helps align IT with business goals
  • Reduces barriers to product development

Who should attend?

  • Single writers or documentation teams moving to an Agile environment
  • Technical communicators
  • Information designers
  • Publication project managers

You will learn to

  • Manage resources for documentation groups in an Agile environment
  • Understand the Scrum process
  • Scope and define user stories
  • Practice sprint planning techniques
  • Use sprint backlogs to minimize risk
  • Effectively advocate for documentation in the Scrum process
  • Address staffing challenges in an Agile environment
  • Focus on troubleshooting strategies
  • Prioritize your efforts when resources are scarce
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