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Content Management Strategies

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Length: Two days

Fee: $975.00 USD


The Content Management Strategies workshop teaches a phased methodology for successfully adopting and transitioning to content management. In the workshop, attendees will learn the details of each phase and analyze their own department- or organization-specific requirements, using those requirements to plan and execute a successful transition.

Who should attend?

  • Publications and training managers
  • Information architects
  • Information developers for both publications and training
  • IT personnel charged with content management implementation
  • Others who want to develop the standards for topic-based, XML authoring for their organizations.

You will learn how to

  • Use the information process maturity model to determine the readiness of your organization for a move to content management.
  • State the business case for moving to content management.
  • Assess the current content to define appropriate content to convert, reuse, rewrite, or leave behind.
  • Analyze the current content and user needs to determine the required structure for their information.
  • Describe the current information development process and determine what changes will need to be made to make a transition.
  • List the functional aspects of the technology needed to support the content management vision.
  • List and compare the different categories of tools available for information development teams.
  • Define the scope for a successful pilot project.
  • Examine metrics collected in the pilot project and use results to inform the direction of the enterprise rollout.
  • Devise a rollout plan extending beyond the pilot/core teams.
  • Develop a realistic timeline for adoption of component content management.
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